Poetic Response: Art – This Jinni Can Juggle – Larry Broedow


This Jinni Can Juggle – Painting – Water Color on Board, with Silver Foil

The Fires of California

The deaths pile up. Friends

leave without anyone enjoying

their art. The famous

mingle with the unknown;

a burn line protects no one.


Is the Rancho Cucamonga

studio still there? Whimsy

and wry delight could not stay

what crippled your hands.

When your wife, Robbie,

looked into your eyes,

she saw all the canvasses

you would not live to complete.


Where I thought

we would burn our youth

in wild and reckless abandon

has become scorched

earth. There are no wings

to defy the gravity of time.


Djins whirl into charging, diamond

horses. I now understand why

you sent me that painting,

a last message about glaucoma

and an inability to drive by night.


[Disposable Poem April 22, 2015, Revised July 13, 2015]

Dr. Mike

Lobroedow Art


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