Poetic Response: Epistrophy – After Thelonious Monk

Art work Copyright by Richard Day


after Monk

The mystery of you
I forget the color of your eyes
I forget the color of your hair
I forget the color of your skin

The mystery of you
I can smell your body in the room
I can feel my way in the dark
Everything seems so familiar

The mystery of you
Is it vermillion or is it rouge
It it passion or is it calculation
You keep changing your mind

The mystery of you
I am picking up after you
Silk shoes everywhere
Mascara and tweezers

The mystery of you
This drizzle of mist
What is it hiding
This sudden sunshine

The mystery of you
Just out of reach
I love your laughter
Blind man’s bluff

The mystery of you
Hydrogen in the atom
A perfect vacuum
Whatever I wanted

How lovely, how lonely
This mystery of you
This evasive tactic
In prenuptial warfare

The mystery of you
Did you ever have a name
That you would answer to
That would fit inside these clothes

The mystery of you
So many questions to ask
But this silence, is it indifference
Or bashful shyness

The mystery of you
Never a dull minute
Trying to unravel you
And always coming up short

Always coming up empty-handed
Now it’s here, now it’s there
Now it’s everywhere
The mystery of you

{10 March 04 Disposable Poem]


Cover Art by Richard Day


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