Poetic Response: Hymn to the Aesthetic Beauty Center – After Plastic Man – Comic – Jack Cole

Plastic Man


Plastic Man’s Hymn to the Aesthetic Beauty Center

Sexier than a sting ray in Bermuda,
Flatulent yet strung out on raw ether,
I flaunt my mutability to stay neuter
With more ass than you’d care to remember.
I lurk beside hoods and crooked dicks,
Shoot craps and split the ambiguity,
Shape shifting among schizophrenics,
Flashing serial killers with rapier nudity.

Crime-fighting in upper or under classes,
The deuce I’ll ever serve a warped racket
On red and yellow acid behind dark glasses!
My pal Woozy takes comfort from his straight-jacket.
Cheeks smoothed over by collagen therapy,
Whoever is too beautiful becomes ugly;
Me, I’m diagonal in a zigzag cacophony,
Transitioning between genders quite snugly.

Published in the Yellow Chair Review

Yellow Chair Review Superheroes issue!




Plastic-Man_Ben_101909Links to Plastic Man:         488600-morphpoisonivysq1

All about the man!

Plastic Man Theme Song

Plastic Man @ DC Comics

Plastic Man Youtube Playlist


2 thoughts on “Poetic Response: Hymn to the Aesthetic Beauty Center – After Plastic Man – Comic – Jack Cole

  1. I was just thinking how much Plastic Man seems like a Thomas Pynchon superhero, then a brief search showed that the character’s referenced a couple of times in Gravity’s Rainbow, so I guess he was a few decades ahead of me. “Four-color Plasticman goes oozing out of a keyhole, around a corner and up through piping that leads to a sink in the mad Nazi scientist’s lab, out of whose faucet Plas’ head now, blank carapaced eyes and unplastic jaw, is just emerging. ‘Yeah. Who’re you, Ace?'” (p.206)

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  2. Only “The Mask”with Jim Carey ever came close to putting the zaniness of Plastic Man onto the screen. What’s really infamous is the biography of Jack Cole,Plastic Man’s creator.


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