Poetic Response: Film “Barrio” (1998) 94 Min. – Fernando León de Aranoa – Spain






(1998) 94 Min Fernando León de Aranoa wrote and directed this Goya-award winning film that studies the lives of disaffected teenagers in Madrid, where high aspirations do not always lead to success. A stunning social critique of the lower middle-classes trapped by their economic conditions.


The opacity of summer’s eye,
sliced open, spills orange lava
for us to dance on. Sidewalks

blister. Families clog the stoops
to chill. A guey passes his roach
and patricians remember Juàrez

as a giant sun spot swallowed
whole to cure Catholic Sunday
hangovers. A contest develops

over which was hotter: crossing
border deserts or Paulina Rubio
singing “Quinceañera.” Burnt

by daily ICE harassment, some
narcocorridos improvise ballads
about El Chapo. Scizzored between

chimneys, the pallid moon melts down
into manhole covers over the sewers.
It doesn’t matter how much you sweat;
what matters is that you keep dancing.

[Disposable Poem July 20, 2015]
Dr. Mike


Fotogramas de Plata 1999 Best Film (Mejor Película Española)
Goya Awards 1999 Best Director (Mejor Director)
Best New Actress (Mejor Actriz Revelación) Marieta Orozco
Best Screenplay – Original (Mejor Guión Original) Fernando León de Aranoa
Alma Award for Best Screenplay Fernando León de Aranoa
CEC Award for Best Screenplay Fernando León de Aranoa
FIPRESCI Prize – Special Mention Fernando León de Aranoa
For its authentic depiction of youth and its value as social testimony.
Silver Seashell Best Director Fernando León de Aranoa (director)
Elías Querejeta (producer)
Sant Jordi Best Spanish Actor (Mejor Actor Español) -Francisco Algora
Spanish Actors Union Award of the Spanish Actors Union 1999
Film: Supporting Performance (Secundario Cine) Francisco Algora
Film: Performance in a Minor Role (Reparto Cine) Francisco Maestre
Prize of the City of Torino Best Film – International Feature Film Competition – Fernando León de Aranoa
Turia Awards 1999 Best New Filmmaker – Fernando León de Aranoa

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