A Slight Mash-Up [from words by H. K. Stewart]




A Slight Mash-Up

[stolen from some words by H. K. Stewart]


No need to be afraid

There will always be more

All doors open wide





Whence came you

Hawk without wings

No need to be afraid



katrina 18


When it’s all taken away

What’s not to sell

All doors open wide





What you see is what you get

Quite still becoming

No need to be afraid



Horizons evolve

Each ledge, too sane

All doors open wide



Given this rock

Did you imagine

No need to be afraid






There’s pattern in 

Mutability at random

All doors open wide




 Big data captures stars



Mummifies these words


No need to be afraid

All doors open wide









[Disposable Poem October 2015]

Dr. Mike

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