Little Boots



Little Boots


Little Boots so loved his gun

And a lot of guns had he

For he came from a line of Delta forces brave



But it seemed that Little Boots

Didn’t care what he would shoot

He just loved the sound that rapid gunfire gave


 They named him Little Boots

After Caligula’s cahoots

Electing his horse as Senator to vote



When suits would have disputes

As laws came down the chutes

He’d neigh in a way that would clearly sink the boat










Little Boots now craves acclaimALL+GOD'S+CHILLUN+GOT+GUNS

And trains on video games

And late night tv cop shows full of guns


Large numbers set aflame

Mass murder earns you fame

One bombing run will let him nuke the sun













He loves the grassy knoll

Or a Texas tower tall

‘Cause it gives him target practice from on high



And keeps defenseless all

The ones he wants to crawl

Before he has to shoot himself and die.

Watch it here!
[Disposable Poem October 27, 2015]

Dr. Mike






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