Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture   Carbon Engineering – Industrial-scale capture of CO2 from ambient air   Otherworldly, luminous Membranes shudder and streak through From another dimension.   Halos yellow into blue Horns apologists’ foreheads Bully kalashnikovs with. Those three magma, satellites Of voting rights, map dunes for Penile insertions of drones.    In the beehive, Haute Couture … More Carbon Capture

The Last Time I Saw Paris/Sous le Ciel de Paris

    The Last Time I Saw Paris/Sous le Ciel de Paris   Source of the Enlightenment that inspired The American Revolution, it took a long time And many beheadings by the guillotine, before Anyone embraced Voltaire’s Traité sur la tolerance. It was why our founding fathers feared having a state religion. This is not … More The Last Time I Saw Paris/Sous le Ciel de Paris

Toy House

Toy House or why some children fear Birthdays     This was where the talking alphabet Lay crippled by polio and dyslexia. For each holiday I would invent family Who knew exactly what to send:  The black clown in whiteface that Kicked me off my tricycle and laughed; The nautical octopus whose tentacles Were hypodermics … More Toy House