Assumptions Before the Feast

OWL FLYING 0243f34a1eb1fd0725dffbddd3e5b256

Assumptions Before the Feast


Discourse. Cursive strikes

Negative syllogisms

From parallel worlds.

Words on Body giphy

Ascension giphy

Continuous rain

Stains the dark with salty light.

Beaded curtains chill.


RAIN giphy

Power bristles quills

Like a porcupine snubbed for

Resembling a skunk.


Empire comes, then goes.

People cease to believe in

The State and join tribes.



The Black Sea trades subs

Scoping each other out for

Whose island that is.


Yellow Submarine 200


Self is the least of it.

Two singed palms, their arteries

Hard, crawl to my door.

Fingers giphy

Hand with Leaves 200

Ego, big Egg, bloats,

Soaking the sensory up

To dissolve in thought.



Touch differs from thought.

One takes you unawares; one

Believes in reason.


Straight lines on a heart

Monitor signal death. That’s

What borders can do.

Klimt giphy

ANATOMY LESSON 14b8bbb0f590b7571dee7da0d1b03465

If this is all there

Is, what’s that diamond doing

Glinting off my tea?

Diamond giphy



Not all blue clouds rain.

Some disabled hook rainbows

With their candy canes.

 Rainbow giphy

I have overstayed

My welcome. Friends are afraid

What I might reveal.

Anguish giphy

Leaves have gathered up

At my front door, but there’s no

Tree anywhere near.

Architecture 200

[Disposable Haiku December 2015]

Dr. Mike


Feast of the Assumption

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