Nostradamus 2016



The poles will melt, waters raise tides,

Planes will fall, planets collide.

 Fractal Building giphy

The house of the future is the shtetl of the past.

A military coup settles the presidential caste.

 Flying Saucer giphy


Face it: Facts aren’t sexy. Gossip clogs

The Blogs, bleeding network slugs of static logs.

 Cat Piano (1883) 19046217944_f01db7df03_o

Reporters yawn, how wide and fat the mouth,

As cable comedians debate truth.


Crunching data in numbers so obscure

That only spy satellites know for sure

Who the target is when people riot;

 Drones of the Future giphy

The suits, an eye on markets, stay quiet,

Burn and trade essential commodities,

Protect property through mercenaries.

 Money tumblr_nzv1zj4gnR1tkvek9o1_500


The bloody ball will not come down.

A plague infests this oyster town.

Ghetto Dollhouse maxresdefault

The trick to an accurate forecast?

Use fear of the future to idealize the past.

 Past:Future Architecture giphy

No one’s complaining about the champagne.

It’s the fifties all over again.

Shakespeare giphy


[Disposable Poem New Year’s Eve 2015/2016]

Dr. Mike

Syrian child victim 655ef220099348c8a12a3f761a4eafcc_18



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