White Privilege


White Privilege


White flares singe and blind

Brackage Eyes tumblr_mmzrybu7eY1s1o9cdo1_400

Sunburst giphy







Eyes that stare too long at the sun.


The pink and fair-skinned streak

Their faces with white paint.


Resentment and grudges

Harris & Kliebokd 04907cb30f92d8459113ea90e3e8b5aa

Fuel the rage whose cinders

Smolder across generations

And take down massive forests.


Burning Rainfores ptg00401814

Rainforest BRA_MCruppe_9458_180613_


White is the evisceration

Of colors,

 FRANK giphy

and even those who

Embrace its phallus

Are not truly white.

Bleached, blanched, these white tribes

Worship crucifying whomever

They think their white god blesses

For being better than they are.



Martin Luther King Jr. Talks About African Trip in Newly Found Interview. Click to view.
[Disposable Poem January 18,  2016]
Dr. Mike




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