HEROIN PARENTS 48421009.cached


They check my last employer
For health insurance,

William S. Burroughs as Dr Benway 9f9d8b82cfc9bf9836d4c82355ad50d5

Operation 17
Then I sit among the indigent
Becoming indignant.

CHAIRS 11214205_447867535418498_4291731816948894577_n

Bankers are shooting money
Into veins of the nation

ADS Colin Raffgiphy

[Colin Raff giphy above]

That gushers bankroll
Without checking the dice.



Diced Dice giphy

They hire those they evict
To evict others.


 Keaton Falling Down Stairs giphy

The state owes me

Because it owns me.

Kalvin Klinegiphy


Hands in plastic gloves,
Interns mop the blood up,

Gloves giphy-1
Place me in a white room
So I stop seeing things.


I know where children come from
And what they do to the body.

These are my children now,
These needles.

Needle in Eyes giphy

*********If you or a member of your family need help, call  1-888- 366-2335


[Disposable Poem May 29, 2010]
Dr. Mike
[My brother also went through a crazy battle with opiate addiction, like me he didn’t tell anyone and actually reached the point he was going to end it all and amazingly my father suspected something was wrong and went over to his place and found him…. Safe to say my brother and I have put my parents through some shit, they have stood by us and helped us through everything more than anyone can imagine… We’re SO lucky to have such incredible folks. Cherish what you’ve got. Thanks to Chris Cheney for helping me write this song.]

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