The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976)

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The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976) 138 Min. Nicholas Roeg’s contrapuntal interconnecting stories of an alien (David Bowie) who crashes on earth trying to find water for his dying planet; a story of a disillusioned scientist with ribald sexual activities (Rip Torn) who agrees to work with him; the passionate and disruptive love from hotel maid, Mary-Lou (Cindy Clark); and a story of a patent attorney (Buck Henry) whose help creating World Enterprises Corporation leads to his assassination. A cult classic noted for its loving adoration of Southwestern landscapes through the cinematography of Anthony B. Richmond, Roeg’s sprawling tale documents the fatal results were a superior alien species ever to visit the earth.


Chair in Sky giphy

The uncanny in Nature broods,

Alburquerque giphy

For the planet is a living thing

Sensing when an alien intrudes,



A handout photo provided by the National Forensic Science Institute shows a giant metallic ball of 1,1 metre in diameter weighing some 6 kilograms that fell out of the sky on a remote grassland in Namibia, prompting baffled authorities to contact NASA and the European space agency (ESA) on December 21, 2011. The hollow ball was found near a village in the north of the country some 750 kilometers from the capital Windhoek in November, according to police forensics director Paul Ludik. AFP PHOTO / National Forensic Science Institute (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

A spore in the body’s wellspring.

 LANDSCAPE the-man-who-fell-to-earth-2

It samples the water. It observes

Multiple t.v.’s. It’s bizarre;


Ovoid fish eyes twitch like hors d’oeuvres.


It might even be a future rock star.



rock star

Dye the hair, whirl like a pearl,

Sing so weird you’re bound to annoy.

Edge-of-Glory-gif-lady-gaga-25211270-500-196                                                    nikki

If you’re a boy, dress like a girl.


Alice Cooper giphy

If you’re a girl, dress like a boy.


Grce Jones giphy

Stars on cocaine snort spurs divine

And jujitsu every radical taboo.

TABOO giphy

He’d been a Space Oddity since 1969,


Major Tom, afloat above the desolate blue.


Identity’s hunky dory, Warhol silkscreening

Power by controlling image saturation,

Then Ziggy Stardust, parched and preening,



Arises the angel of pop dissociation.

 Ziggy Stardust z1_1200

Corporations are the nations now.


CITIZENS UNITED f5fa3e2625394e6399c62a03d44ca883

What they confiscate they revalue.


The alien animal’s dissected like a cow.


“Get out of my mind! All of you!”


What he knows no one must know,


So private is his loss. Government ranks

Silence him with one quid pro quo

Of sex with guns shooting blanks.

Welcome to the pit, remove your Glam.


Lou Reed, Mick Jagger, David Bowie tumblr_nisa0o0hwL1qbh3i4o5_1280

Androgyny is rape’s polyphony.


ziglust                                              fant

Psychedelic lights mime each gram.

trippy                              bow space

Who’s higher – Rip Torn or David Bowie?


[Disposable Poem January 28, 2016]

Dr. Mike



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