Somewhere in the Night (1946)

Somewhere in the Night (1946) 110 Min. Directed and co-written by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, this film shows what happens to an amnesiac (John Hodiak) as he returns from WWII combat to follow clues in his sea-bag – a hateful letter from an ex-girlfriend and a gun – in order to discover his true identity. Full of wonderful cameos by supporting film noir actors (Lloyd Nolan, Richard Conte, Harry Morgan), only the blonde (Christy Smith), who looks and sings like Lauren Bacall, can’t help loving him.



Purple heart for falling on a grenade,

Burning Head tumblr_nqv8fn7TH51roh094o1_540


He no longer recognizes the face

That army surgeons gave him.

Man within man giphy

Like most boys home from a war, sudden

Noises make him jumpy. Beneath streetlamps,



The fat man with a cigar seems to be watching.

cigar           silence

War teaches not to trust anybody, even


A blonde who hides you from cops

Surreal Chair200

The Blonde a5701f800479ff86cfcd266ea4bd1c5f

While you search for some cravat.

NOOSE giphy

Lurching down mental ward corridors,

Corridors giphy


How can you be sure the mind is still sane



And this is not the place where you belong?

 Night Street tumblr_nvtso77MLg1qzzk3fo1_400

“Like a crazy squirrel on a hopped-up treadmill,”


Here’s the witness to your crime, but somebody

Else’s knife got him first. He didn’t recognize you.

 knife wipe                     1946-film-title-somewhere-in-the-night-director-joseph-l-mankiewicz-f6hen2

The loot – it’s always about money –

Is Nazi millions in a molding suitcase

Briefcase of cash giphy

Stashed between beams under boat docks.

 Pier images

“I’m in the middle of nowhere,” the blonde

SMOKER IN ROSE 3b352540e10e548bd388f1ebed5446e3.jpg

Sings and you know just what she means.

Shattered Girl 200



Who doesn’t return from war a killer? In America,

skull eye        shatter

You’re free to become whoever you want.

 Swirling Heads giphy

[Disposable Poem January 30, 2016]

Dr. Mike

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