Gogol’s Nose (1963)

 THE NOSE d205eeb98ea854d663bf515374384c61

Gogol’s Nose (1963) 12 Min. Animation. Gogol’s absurdist short story has inspired many short film adaptations, but none so remarkable as  this made entirely on pinscreen by Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker.

for film go here:


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The fact that Gogol’s nose
fled his face seems weird,


not fit enough for news
to join the disappeared

baking bread

whose footprints always ruin
freshly poured cement



before a leader’s tomb,
embalmed against dissent.

MAO:WARHOL image40

Disney frozen walts-head

Pollen cannot punch,
bifocals do not scratch

nostrils out to lunch
arty aristocrats,


elite enough to flaunt
his sophomoric wits


by sneezing at each taunt
asphysic hissy-fits.

sneeze2 dontcare

Napoleonic pose,
Aquiline his bridge,


Gogol’s haughty nose
rues a royal grudge,


and though he can’t disguise
this overcoat is tawdry,

he simply won’t oblige
what’s left of his own body.


[Disposable Poem February 2016]

Dr. Mike



«Nose». Illustrator Svetlana Boyko.

Graphic sheets based on the novel of Nikolai Gogol’s «Nose».
Illustrator Svetlana Boyko.

Premiere of opera “Nose” by Dimitri Shostakovich.

the nose

Read Nikolai Gogol’s “The Nose” and Other Stories


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