Poetic Response Film: Spider Baby (1968) – Jack Hill

Spider Baby 220px-Spiderbabyposter

Spider Baby (1968) Jack Hill wrote and directed this cult classic that cast Lon Chaney, Jr. as a guardian of three mentally disturbed children in a creepy, backwoods mansion. When a greedy cousin with lawyers arrives to claim custody, mutilation and gore result. The film was released under multiple, different titles.

(Press Play)


1 . The Liver Eaters.


Ever wonder where all those Buffalo wings


came from? Your complicity

in the murder of flight?


Slowly the umbrella of love unfolds

schizophrenic webs for shelter.

Duck and Cover 1301826

Poor white trash regress .


Family will always kill you,

Beating Dead 200

one genetic code with another

spliced spinal column.

 Woman in Bath 200

Loan me your kidney

and I’ll loan you my liver,

Mad Doctor 200

so together we’ll crack jokes at death.


2. Cannibal Orgy

Dalis ass

Never question where all the sacraments

were hid. Your lust is to crucify

and enjoy the torture!


Not since Bruegel, has eating become so predatory,



Or anally surreal as Dalí’s ass.


Spoiled brats coddle autistic.

TWINS strange 200

Phylogeny recaps ontogeny

eye flowers


when you’re up in the hills


breeding centipedes.


Loan me your uncle

and I’ll loan you my aunts,

meat hook

and together we’ll crack heads for lunch.

 Eyeball Spaghetti giphy

3. Attack of the Liver Eaters

face eating HC

Be sure to feed relatives who live in the basement

Condemned Russellville House JWRE_web_Dilapidated_structures_0635

lumps of coal. That way you refoliate

God’s primal garden.

 manbird rain

There will always be lawyers

for ungrateful heirs expecting a fortune.


Merrye’s disease is caused by finding your roots.

 Finding Roots maxresdefault

The Wolf Man takes me back

just as Wolverine takes me forward.

Wolverine xmenorigins-wolverine



The moon’s to blame for parallel universes.


Loan me a flamethrower

and I’ll loan you my goshawk

Hawk Dance 496762ec-fce2-4832-a49d-2683bec700bf

and together we’ll hunt prey through the graveyard.

Graveyard 200


4.The Maddest Story Ever Told

baby cake

You can’t eat everything! You can eat everything,

Alien giphy

including your teeth. You can swallow

the Third World and not tell.


Don’t tell. Don’t tell. And don’t let

anybody else tell. Sting them! Sting!


Yes, Virginia, there is a Spider God.


The web is warm and wonderful.

It wombs like a safety net, Baby Doll,

Spider-Baby angel-tumblr-com

beneath a risky trap door.


Loan me the insecticide

and I’ll loan you a latch key out of here

Trapped Inside 200

so we break up Siamese twins.



[Disposable Poem February 14, 2016]

Dr. Mike




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