I Want To Live! (1958)


I Want To Live! (1958) Susan Hayward won an Oscar for her performance of a woman wrongly accused of murder and sentenced to die in the gas chamber. Director Robert Wise’s gritty realism is unrelenting in its criticism of capital punishment.


“After being ‘drawn to the place of execution,’ each traitor was to be hanged, then cut down before strangling to death. While still alive, he was then ‘to have his privy parts cut off and burned before his face’ and his bowels ‘taken out and burned,’ before his head would be ‘cut off.’ Lastly, his body was to ‘be quartered, and the quarters set up in some high and eminent place, to the view and detestation of men and to become a prey for the fowls of the air.’” – The Year of Lear by James Shapiro, 128.


Let’s talk about snow instead.


It has gone away from Arkansas

except in the higher elevations

where you can still wash your face in it

blood falls

and taste the blood, the salt, the ash

from collapsed states.

tWar ZoneWall umblr_ng8nfqFZTQ1thk6vpo4_1280

Even Susan Hayward later admitted

her character might have been complicit in murder.

Barbara Graham 00030069-592x472

With her hand on her chin Barbara listens in Judge Frick's courtroom. 1953-thumb-540x637-60129


In a country that values life,

why is there so much killing?


It must be the price of freedom.


Consider the glorious French Revolution.


The first thing they did was liberate the Bastille,

releasing the Marquis de Sade back onto the streets,


and then the revolutionaries started killing each other


because nobody was pure enough to govern.

 Condensed Human Flest 12794411_1284715688211872_435311986197250487_n

Nowadays in our age of scientific faith.

DNA testing should solve everything.

50's kitchen-women 37699ecc8c8a1bca969eb39d0af495a5

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber and

Illinois Governor George Ryan stopped

Hitchcock at the Stake tumblr_n9v1pwzl071s1v3r1o1_400

the executions until they could be sure


the guilty weren’t there just because of race.


Freedom without responsibility causes murder.


Children take up guns and play at shooting

teachers and classmates at recess in Magnolia Arkansas.

When will they be turned back onto the streets?

Torn and mangled in rough briar —

a muskrat the dogs must have caught last night

under the first and last dusting of winter.


[Disposable Poem March 3, 2016]

Dr. Mike   foucault

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