Two Songs–Proteus and Ariel



Proteus by the sea

Dissembles prophesy

Prophesy 200

By changing to words

Words giphy

The reckless goatherds

Goat Human giphy

Carousing joyously,

       Shouting, “Proteus by the sea!

       Proteus by the sea!”


Protean diversity

Allows a nation to see

In its multiple kinds

Of peoples those binds

That strengthen its unity,


       Shouting, “Proteus by the sea!

       Proteus by the sea!”


Whether lion or snake he be,

Be Right There giphy

Whether water or tree she be,


When both merge together


They transform each other


To pure androgyny,

       Shouting, “Proteus by the sea!

       Proteus by the sea!”

Proteus Moffitt-hand-with-an-eye-33

“The depths of Okeanos”  How the god ocean filled in the blank between land and sea.       Click for Essay by James Romm.


Ariel  — Song

Prospero:Ariel 220px-William_Hamilton_Prospero_and_Ariel

Relinquish the magic cloak and lay

       The wand aside,


Colonial Master, so that I may

       In wood reside.

Ariel 01381

Slaughtered on shore, my spirit astray

       Like fireflies glides


Crooked paths and raging spray

       A tempest rides.

Having you to love and obey

       Freed me to evolve.

Ariel [Roddy McDowell] dsk03988_lzn3-1

Take your power over me away

      And let me dissolve.

[August 2013]

Dr. Mike




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