Spike Jones 12347633_10153396194153937_1559645790412049688_n

Chinese Firecrackers for a suit,

Hayseed gumshoes, straw hat

Raw and flat as cymbals


Ready for attack. Whack!

 Dumpling Clapping 2f3ad69f56be23ef68fb70f0d7364679

From which art-deco cube

EYE SPINDLE INTO HEAD tumblr_nnqpy6zi801rnwo2vo1_400

Did you crack all the woodwork up —

TOON Scho0olhouse Rock 200-1

Xylophone to garbage cans, with

Clinton SAX giphy

Persuasive percussion!

Wipe that grin off your face. It broke



My heart when I tripped and fell,


Cracking your shellacked 78



That was the antidote to sentimentality.

troll-face-dancing-pumpkin-head-bob-dobbs-trollface (2)

Smashing glass in “Cocktails for Two,” or

You wrote a novelty song for Christmas,

When all you’d want were two front teeth.

Such a hit, it became a jazz standard!

Without you, it would have been harder

For Frank Zappa to find humor in music,

Or for Weird Al to spawn those MTV

Videos that mocked pop’s sacred toads.

Every good tune deserves a rise

From heart-felt Little Rascals Alfalfa

To Florence Foster Jenkins who

Butchered opera at Carnegie Hall.

So let’s resurrect Doodles Weaver

For a “William Tell Overture” horse race,

Or sing “Die Fueher’s Face” to remember

That World War II was against fascism.

[Disposable Poem March 14, 2016]

Dr. Mike




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