Sorry for the Inconvenience

Obama OUT 200w


Sorry for the Inconvenience

Information Overload giphy

I didn’t realize those were your toes

When I dropped the pickaxe. I just assumed

Pickaxe 200

Gold lay under spackled nails.


I love to apologize. I just can’t help myself

Sikent Film 200

From doing wrong, like when I shoved my hand


Down your throat to retrieve my silver bullet.

 Bullets giphy

Apparently I also grabbed part of your larynx,

Rendering you momentarily speechless

As if an avalanche had burst the eardrums .

 Alpine Reveries tumblr_npzukpCgAg1qirwplo1_540

Here, let me brush the cobalt from your hair

Welcome to Our City tumblr_mk3zh34L931qc2bleo1_500

Before enemies launch a preemptive strike

Chess 200

During our joint military operations.

BOMB 200

DAISY AD 200-1

Is it time to apologize for moving the clocks forward,

CONSUME~ giphy

So the future arrives sooner than the past can be forgotten,

Sharks on the Road 200w

One generation tweeting another generation’s twerk.

I realize you had to abandon your lodgings, flee for your life,


Crawl out of the rubble, and scrounge for food

Giant Coffee Can giphy

Form our benevolent charities. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Next time you’ll know better whom to believe

And which country to live in. Are those your children,

Frozen Sheep Head 11058500_1038817686146668_4885706039878574299_n

Or are the wild dogs eating sacrificial sheep?

]Disposable Poem February 24, 2015]
Dr. Mike



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