The Thing That Couldn’t Die (1958)

The Thing That Couldn’t Die (1958) 69 Min. Black and White. Will Cowan produced and directed David Duncan’s clever screenplay that uses elements from Frankenstein, zombie movies, and psychic horror to create this “accursèd chest” buried by command of Sir Francis Drake. The subplot involves a teen crush and a night at the prom.

 THING THAT COULDN'T DIE e35589264ca727103a00d6910370a910


The virgin with her dowser looks for water.

Fracking causes earthquakes from

Excess pumping under earth’s crust.


The split mind — right hand,

Left hand — social conditioning chooses,

Force of inertia consolidates.

 Alien POD Head 200

Beat it down! Beat the brain down!


Evil is habit sanctified into ritual

Dualities, guilty or more guilty.


Purity, chastity, and virtue

Anchor innocence in a charm

UNICORN DRAGON 04042016002512

Against forked twigs and tongues.

 Horsehead BANG1 200

The handyman, all muscle for brain,

Opens the box and is blown away,


And kills those who get in the way.

 THING-2 feature-film-mstkxxix-thingthatcouldntdie-300

As if dollied into an MRI

Brain Stem giphy

Mapping electrical impulses

Science-Intuition 200

That tranquilize the severed head.


Neurologists are reading blinking lights,

\Split Brain 200

And coming to conclusions


Which regions should be redacted.

 Brain Exercise 200

Obesity is contagious. The fatter your friends,

Jeannie Blows Microwave giphy

The fatter you become. Groupthink


Validates behavior.

WEIMAR PUPPETS tumblr_o4v8bfMkkP1sn8m9wo1_400

Because the brain’s an autodidact

That claims control over all

R.U.R. tumblr_nk98exv3BR1r3mh0to1_400

Unconscious functions,

The Thing That Couldn't Die (1958) Directed by Will Cowan Shown: Robin Hughes, Andra Martin

What the fearfully religious repress

NATURE ABANDONS US tumblr_o5f1ocPYZS1rfld6do1_400

Is their own excremental physical drives,


Their historical genocide.

Soldiers Marching Christ giphy

Digging continues, head-hunting

For Shakespeare, or Salome, listening to


The mumbling lips of John the Baptist.


[Disposable Poem April 19, 2016]

Dr. Mike


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