Myra Breckinridge (1970)


Myra Breckinridge (1970) Granted full control over this adaptation of Gore Vidal’s vicious satire, Michael Sarne made a “degradation” film, a 70s genre where famous actors degrade themselves by playing the parts assigned. Caught between the resurrected body of Mae West and the sexy Raquel Welsh, Sarne lost control. Rex Reed said afterwards, “This was a film where the lawsuits really flew.” However, in our new millennium, the film has become a campy adoration of trans.


The director’s audio commentary

AUDIO giphy

Is better than the film All in the name of


Freedom, Myra/Myron anally rapes


Rusty, tied up in St. James Infirmary.

MICHAEL SARNE: “There was a transvestite

Vagina Power 200-3

From Warhol’s Factory who desperately wanted

Andy Warhol transvestite Superstar Holly Woodlawn, acclaimed for her performance in 'Trash', photographed in 1970. (Photo by Jack Mitchell/Getty Images)
Holly Woodlawn

To play Myra, but never believably passed


As a man, so I had to cast two people.”

 Weird Children giphy

Sex changes on a whim. Is she or is he

Dancing Gifs wBUxdcMw7du6c


Or are they? Whatever. To shock

Divine giphy

Gets attention. Bring on the farm


Mr. Ed 2700

Animals. Daisy chain the circus.

 Fleeing Sand Monster tumblr_nim233nH1e1rdq7avo1_500

MICHAEL SARNE: “Bobby Fryer, my producer,


And Gore Vidal, the writer, with Raquel Welsh


Raquel 200

Would have taken a contract out on Mae West

May West giphy

If they could, and each day sabotaged the set.”

MYRA CAST hqdefault

The patriarchal is never undermined

Male Gaze Untitled

By the male gaze. Mummified Shirley Temple

Clips from the Hollywood vault helped

Counterpoint rough sado-masochism.

Flagillation 200

 SADO 200

MICHAEL SARNE: “Fellini’s ‘Toby Dammit’



Was a major influence on this alternative

R.Crumb--WEIRDO 12376652_1765562947009464_8737734285314570888_n

Showbiz film that took a comic look


REX & RAQUEL tumblr_m66y9zgPf01rz4c53o1_500

At a man who wants to become a woman.”

More respect, please, for those trapped

ROBOT TOY RIDE matt-dixon-billy-allison

In the wrong body. Their cocoon rips

Inside out. Touch the forbidden

Saturn Man tumblr_mly295WvLJ1rpx9bqo1_500

And wonder why not try. Ignite.


MICHAEL SARNE: “Gayness is a cover

Twin Male Love 200

For sadness. Gore’s pro-gay agenda

Wasn’t British camp enough so

British Vaudeville giphy

One movie could talk to another.”

Image disintegrates consciousness.


Against Western sexual freedom, religious


Civil Wars break out their ideologies,

wp-1464107394225.gif  wp-1464108414022.gif

Hack up enemies and eat their hearts.

MICHAEL SARNE: “The movie’s a dream

Mind Dpin 200-2

From a man in a coma after being hit by a car,


But if that’s still not clear, I think

I’ll have to reshoot the whole thing.”


[Disposable Poem May 8, 2016]

Dr. Mike

VIDAL tumblr_m6wrqkn6Rl1qghfy5o1_1280


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