They Were Expendable (1945)

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They Were Expendable (1945) 135 Min. B&W. Based loosely on the exploits of John D. Bulkeley (Medal of Honor recipient) and Robert Kelly, John Ford directed Robert Montgomery, who had served in WWII, and John Wayne, who had not, and whom Ford derided throughout the production, in this heartfelt homage to service and duty. At the end, Motor Torpedo Boat Three and its men are left behind to defend against the Japanese invasion of the Philippines, something whose tragic outcome American audiences knew all too well.

 FORD CAMERA they-were-expendable

Waiting and then more waiting. Eating

Eat Less Bread 8b3229e00e77541ef33ee4ad5183d78c

mosquitoes before they eat you. Grease

and lube. Become one with the gun.

EYE TO GUN giphy

Nobody blinks unless the whole platoon does.


In formation, the PT fleet surges, weaves

apart as if riding plywood surfboards,

Surfing giphy

mocked by top brass at the base who

PATTON giphy

consign the boats to relaying messages.



Waiting and more waiting. Waiting for orders,

Officers Club il_570xN.135470729

officers drink and dance in their private club.

They have to convince the naval bureaucracy

to be allowed to fight the enemy.

 Navy Bomber Squadron 34fb56b94d9e6d3e063b8aeed5861619

Pearl Harbor ends all that.

Finally unleashed to prove their worth,

Film image wm-003

swarming hornets in a frenzy of cool rage,

these barge busters take Japanese takers down,

learn to lay mines and smoke screens.

 Smoke Screen 200w

In dock, Lewis machine gun on its pedestal mount,

Lewis Machine Gun d33f9f4d2e7d24f080b25fdc22350ef7

forward chine guards ripped away, bottom framing

Chine Fuards USS+Niagra+10

under bows broken, side planking cracked,

PT BOAT 71096a

there was still a belly ready for Mark 8 torpedoes.


But when you lose that first man, there’s no repair

for the unique spirit that has blown out,

Graves giphy

that feels like an amputation, the missing limb

tingling, the grief an unstaunched wound.

There was a time when service and honor

Naval Awards 517CMC023VL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_

meant something to a whole generation.

War Bonds e1ff2c884053d6953e9bb455eaee1747

Abandoned so the top brass could escape,


men glory in defeat and keep on fighting.

Civilians and soldiers alike make ready


RIP Bill Mauldin image003

for the long death march across Bataan


that will happen off-screen into history

because it is too unbearable to watch.

“The warrior provides for his grandfather and grandson at the cost, if necessary, of his life. But his sacrifice only makes sense within a time span of at least three generations. There can be no genuine soldier or army unless there is a past to hand on to the future after a war is over.” – Rosenstock-Huessy.

(Disposable Poem May 25. 2016) POSTED ON THE 4TH OF JULY, 2016

Dr. Mike

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