Lady Snowblood (1973)


Lady Snowblood (1973) Color. Starring the beautiful and talented Meiko Kaji , directed by Toshiya Fujita, from a screenplay by Norio Osada based on the 51-issue manga by Kazuo Koike and illustrated by Kazuo Kamimura. The original title, Shurayuki-hime, plays on the Japanese name for Snow White, Shirayuki.

Meiko Kaji 163987-Lady_Snowblood_2_main-640x400

Blood white. Snows

cross black slats. Ma screws guards, screams.

Caesarian birth.


Makes baby to take

BABIES HATCHING ed7dd1cff75031b83e19abd23783cd37

revenge. Asura spirit

The Asura-Vayuphak Barge at the Royal Barge Museum in Bangkok, Thailand. This barge features the Asura Vayuphak as its figurehead. The Asura Vayuphak is another creature from the Himmavana forest as depicted in The Ramayana epic story from India. This creature is half giant (like his father) and half bird (like his mother). The original date of the barge is unknown and it was restored to its current condition in 1982. The barge is 21 meters long and held 38 oarsmen and 17 crew members.

yowls. Merciless fate.

 Fate giphy

Rolls in barrel, trained

Spinning through space giphy

by Master monk. Deep bell gongs.

Gender roles reverse.

 Spinning head 200

Society off


balance. Bastard by birth,

BASTARD Lady-snowblood_03

she-wolf keens karma.

She Wolf tumblr_ndtet8Sf6H1rjd11jo1_500

Leader of beggars

Vedic Priest giphy

made poor by Menji trade with

Rainbow China giphy

West helps find guilty.

Meiji Kenpohapu-chikanobu

Yellow butterfly

Yellow Butterfly giphy

on white cuffs of assassin.


Female demon.

Demon giphy 

Coy spiderneck knives.

Umbrella weapon 200

Blue umbrella with sword sheath.

Blood revenge. Blood spurts.

Wall Blood Splatter giphy

Revenge for mother.

Anime Umbrella giphy

Revenge for Japanese rape

Monsters Swirl giphy

in global conquest. Asian Seacabin giphy

Artful slaughter. Bright

Space Opera 200

red streaks against steel blade. Cool

Blood 200

indifferent beauty.

NOH giphy

Revenge against Shōwa


Emperor Hirohito



Emperor Hirohito at a military review in Tokyo in 1937 

Blood stains snow. Streams bleed.

Blood on Snow giphy

Female demon bleeds but does

Snow White 64e5c9682ec266884628f6df0293a7a6

Not die. Nature’s way.

 Girl Blood giphy

After invasion,

McArthur:Hirohito 300px-Macarthur_hirohito


house-cleaning, child-bearing, sex

Internet Surfing 200

not female duty.

El Nino giphy 

Carnage done, wounded,

Carnage Done 2B24774E00000578-3186815-Devastated_Hardly_any_buildings_in_Hiroshima_were_left_standing_-a-96_1438857513539

Yuki collapses on snow.

her last words censored.


[Disposable Poem May 28, 2016]

Dr. Mike


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