Porco Rosso (1992)


Porco Rosso (1992) 94 Min. Based on the manga “Hikoutei Jidai,” Hayao Miyazaki’s anime concerns a WWI fighter pilot who has become a bounty hunter after the disillusionment of the Great War turned him into a pig. Defiantly opposed to fascism, conflicted over his love for Gina, an Austrian whose husband was shot down during the war, Porco struggles with pirates and an American pilot, Curtis. As in most Miyazaki films, there are strong female characters, and Fio, granddaughter to the master mechanic Piccolo, is equal to Porco Rosso’s knowledge about planes, designing for him a masterpiece of aviation.


Not to fly. Not to grow wings.

That was the true exile

Eden Two 200

From the garden.

Eden 200

Not to shed this skin,

SKIN CHANGE 761807d9d16d3b2796fdaeef59c320b8

Not to slither out into another,

SNAKE tumblr_o6mn0ctEhP1v5qjl1o1_400

Was punishment for rejecting evil.

 HELL giphy

To choose between love

And country in a War to End All Wars

Destroyed “The Time of Cherries.”


Turning back in disgust

From all humanity risks

Transgendering into a pig.


Look at the clouds. Dive in.

None is the beard of God.

Each cloud remembers lost pilots.


To fly in a seaplane, to repair

A Savoia S.21 or a Macchi M.33,


Defies the gravity of the fall.


Look at the waves. Ride the Adriatic

Into a secret cove. Yugoslavia darkens




Soldiers and Paramilitaries - Bosnian soldiers smoke and take a break on the frontline next to a sign that says 'welcome to Sarajevo' in Sarajevo, Bosnia, in the fall of 1994. Trench warfare was fought all around the city of Sarajevo.

The tone of these animated seashores.


When will pirates learn?


Will Gina win her bet? Let’s hope so.

GINA 200

The gravity of the fall is unbearable.

Glass Tube Falls 200

After repressing love so long,

Let the pig become human again


In the deepening moonlight

Outside the Hotel Adriano.


[Disposable Poem June 8, 2016]

Dr. Mike

Jack Bloom

Hayao Myazaki 12347727_10153853891578478_3907236318645514174_n








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