La Morte negli Occhi del Gatto (1973)

Cat Death Poster 16048699664_3203b8dc43_b

La Morte negli Occhi del Gatto (1973) Also known as “Seven Deaths in the Cat’s Eye.” Anthony M. Dawson [Antonio Margheriti] directed this cult classic, a collage of horror motifs intercut with images of a cat, just before claws slice the next victim’s neck. Gallo films revel in the charm of an illogical nightmare. Jane Birkin stars as the distraught female and Hiram Keller as the romantic lead, with supporting appearance of Serge Gainsbourg as the inspector.

The nuns kicked her out.


Not even her mother knew for sure


What she did for all the girls at school.

Film 'The Devils' (1970) A film by director Ken Russell . It is an account of the apparent demonical possession of the 17th-century nuns of Loudun, climaxing in the burning of their priest as a sorcerer.

First there was a ginger cat

Cat Throne giphy

In the basement of Dragonstone Castle

Heathcliffe giphy

In the Scottish highlands.

Wuthering Heights giphy

Then the cat came back,

CAT MOON large

Jumping on her mother’s coffin,


Medium for a vampire.


Everywhere you looked, the cat

Had fish eyes for hidden passageways,

Fisheyes giphy

Nipping on a virgin’s neck.


The Lord was romantically insane,

Crocodial 200

Caged with an orangutan.

Sex Orangutan giphy

The bisexual scene was edited out.

Repost 200

The cat came back, snarling, clawing.

Mother was in the basement

Cube Watches Over tumblr_o50wvbR9HZ1qkdrkzo1_r1_1280

Being eaten by rats.

CHESHIRE CREEP tumblr_o3626g7J4y1qd479ro1_250

All cats were one cat but did not look alike.


If it’s a rectory cat, then the killer

Rogue Cleric 73529-facebook-com-dndmemes-rogue-cleric-sneak

Must be some priest in Rome.

Ball & Chain 200

How much Gallo could a cat lap up?

Cat Violins lWAqH5rElP9eIaqgpvKBxFQ64SF9ZamjF8GNE1rhrDMtPFljxUomAQzRGcM6N4Pg4JqfKhtlhialSofgQ636zVCrF3FYhEOhxst3Ju9bxzMntwJBpNOPHc4csRV1wmUjfziTzioG5QlIdP7z=w426-h340-p

Big-Nose Inspector waited outside

Gainsbourg giphy

So the family could murder one another.

Global Warfare 200w

Someone set the orangutan loose.

Predatory Nature tumblr_mmepooGMPP1qdlh1io1_400

Republican Party Convention 48972230.cached

[Disposable Poem July 22, 2016]

Dr. Mike







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