The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972)


The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972)  Luis Buñuel collaborates with screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière to define ‘haute bourgeoisie‘ as the inability to finish a meal without being interrupted. Minor characters recount dreams and memories; the bourgeoisie deal cocaine, commit adultery, and invite terrorism; what’s real all depends on who is dreaming whom. Propriety and its condescending boudoirs are mocked with Spanish savagery.



As an appatizer, the Ambassador

From Miranda takes aim at a terrorist

On the street outside his embassy

Than tries to seduce her in his chambers.


For first course, Champaigne

And cocaine spark a business lunch,


With a variety of small cheeses

Not even kitchen rats would touch.


Everybody smiles and smiles freeze.

Women admire each other’s blouses.


The help glide by on the periphery


As do military on night maneuvers.


For second course, fried grouse

Grouse 200

From third world rain forests,

ClearCutting 200

With just a soupçon of peasant

Goya Los Capicinos 616x510

Blood in the dry Cahblis.

GOYA Donkey Death dequemal

It adds prestige to employ

Monseigneur 002882ed2978643fd4ee5d153c4bb485

The Church at their residence;

Cynic 8420bbce81b10c8c57a5c52c0149bff8

The garden tempts Monseigneur


With shotgun vengeance.


For the main course, noblesse oblige


On a five tiered serviette

Ugly Dutchess 3a263cdb137ba7c8cd63717c3bbe028c

Enfllambé over a corpse on the piano.


Seems is better than meets the eye.

Marijuana 2ed612a62a369a62e0f7e92311a8ee4a

For desert, an evening in jail;


The Ambassador from Miranda

Mass Killing hqdefault

Demanding diplomatic rights


Is freed by the Bloody Sergeant.

 Wally Rizzo, Salvador Dali photograph for Paris-Match

Finally, just before bed,

Mercantile instincts take over

COINS SWIRL AROUND HEAD tumblr_np8coeA8AA1rk0k2jo1_500

Bargaining, groping for

Paper Scissors Rock daily_gifdump_932_24

That last leg of lamb.


[Disposable Poem August 16, 2016]

Dr. Mike

When [The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie] had been nominated for an Oscar, four Mexican reporters tracked us down at El Paular, where we were already at work on another project. During lunch, they asked if I thought I was going to win that Oscar.

“Of course,” I replied between bites. “I’ve already paid the twenty-five thousand dollars they wanted. Americans may have their weaknesses, but they do keep their promises.”

A few days later, headlines in Mexico City announced that I’d bought the Oscar. Los Angeles was scandalized; telexes poured in; Silberman flew over in a rage from Paris. I assured him it was all a joke, but it took quite a while for the dust to settle. Ironically, the film did win an Oscar three weeks later.

– Luis Buñuel (above, in disguise, with the Oscar.)



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