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“Once is coincidence; twice is enemy action.” – Ian Fleming


— Master, I cannot abide the silence.

— Neither can I. The silence never shuts up and listens.

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— Master, why will you never speak to me? It would be such comfort to hear another human voice in these last years of life.

– I envy the stones, how they decompose without complaint.

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— Master, why do you study the frogs?

— To find a cure for my hiccups.

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— Master, what is my grade?

— Zero is the open mouth of nothingness. Climb inside.

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— Master, we fear living in your shadow.

— Here, let me replenish you with my tears.

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–Thank you, Master, for allowing me to speak my mind.

–With an election coming, better get race off the air.

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— Master, why are you leaving us?

— It’s your turn now.

 Nightly Show giphy


[April 26, 2015//Disposable additions  August 19, 2016]

Dr. Mike



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