Village of the Damned (1964)


Village of the Damned (1964) Based on John Wyndham’s novel, The Midwich Cuckoos, German director Wolf Rilla directs this classic British science fiction film about a village where all the women suddenly become pregnant and give birth to strangely prescient children. George Saunders plays the Professor who educates them in order to learn who they really are and what are their intentions toward humanity.



The children with white eyes have gathered


Like owls around their parents whose minds
Image result for owls gif

They can read. The children smile, compassionately,


As they confine their parents to nursing homes


Where they will be cared for, professionally,

And preserved until the money runs out.


The children hack corporations on the internet

Where they trade credit cards and change identities,


Avoiding all physical contact. After all, they contain



More big data than their pregnant mothers. hawking-giphy

When they tweet, the children limit their texts,

So not even a chickenhawk can decode them,


Because the children prefer double meanings, hieroglyphs

And building blocks of capital letters without vowels.


Unencumbered by the weight of memory, the children

Image result for lifting dark balloon gif

Know that it’s time to start over, from scratch,


And nobody’s hiring anybody over the age of twenty

Because the present is so much better than the past.


[Disposable Poem October 8, 2013/September 28, 2016]

Dr. Mike

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Watch It Here!


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