Francis the Talking Mule (1950)


Francis the Talking Mule (1950) In 1946, former U.S. Army Captain David Stern III wrote short sketches about Francis, a talking Mule in Burma during the war against the Japanese. Donald O’Connor plays the naive lieutenant and Francis is voiced by the Western twang of Chill Willis. Arthur Lubin directed from Stern’s original screenplay what would become a series of 6 films, with spinoffs, and eventually inspire the television program, Mr. Ed.


Francis says, Demand


Good grooming with a brush.


Chain of command

Helps the toilet flush.

 Image result for toilet flush funny

Francis says, No mule


Should be made to talk.


Stubbornly stick to the gag rule

In bureaucratic gridlock.


Most nurses are ugly muglies,

Image result for nurses creepy military gif

All spies are hot to trot.

Image result for beautiful military spies gif

Basket weaving’s for crazies

Who claim animals talk.


Francis says, the golden rule


Is know your rank and never shirk,


Be happy in the motor pool


And hide beneath the paperwork.



The Generals forgot that King


Siegfried drank the dragon’s blood

File:The Goblet of Blood.gif

And heard all nature sing –

So what’s a mule in the mud?


Flabbergasted duckies

Flaunt their esprit de corps.


Francis says, Nobodies


Are winning this mule’s war.

 Mule Soldier


[Disposable Poem November 9, 2016]

Dr. Mike




Image result for francis talking mule gif.
Molly with voice provider Chill Willis.                                                   More about “Molly”. 


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The Comics








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