Rhinoceros (1974)


Rhinoceros (1974) Tom O’Horgan directs Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel in what could have been a wacky and illogical production of Eugène Ionesco’s play. Instead, opening it out, the pacing falters, with only one claustrophobic café scene still effective as theater of the absurd. Part of the American Film Theater’s series.


When is a cat not a cat?

When it’s in Schrodinger’s hat


Out of the box the cat does a tap


And slinks like an accordion

Isn’t there a moon here somewhere?


If there’s a cat , there’s a supermoon

Orange sherbet and Schubert


Syncopation on the catwalk


Where there’s one cat there’s bound to be another

Oh! Look at the rhinoceros!


No, don’t look! Don’t look! Don’t!


It’s not polite to recognize them

They trot about with one horn

Like armor-plated unicorns

Snorting in disgust at plebeians

Who grovel to be rhinoceri

So when is a cat not a cat?


When it’s been eaten by ozone


When it crossed the road without looking

When its ninth cord played out

The beat in the heartbeat beaten down


Hairballs in a matchstick box

For feeding the owl later on

Oh! Look at the rhinoceri!

Rhinoceros Silhouettes
Rhinoceros Silhouettes

Better to become one of them

Than be left here all alone


[Disposable Poem November 19, 2016]

Dr. Mike







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