The Horse’s Mouth (1958)



The Horse’s Mouth (1958) Alec Guiness adapted Joyce Cary’s novel into a screenplay so that he could play the irascible artist Gulley Johnson, who cannot pass up a wall without painting on it images of the disenfranchised working class. John Bratby, one of the ‘Kitchen Sink’ school of artists, did all the paintings that director Roland Neame captured in brilliant Technicolor, with the whimsical music of Prokofieff’s “Lieutenant Kije” suite in the background.


They built a wall in China


To keep the nomads out,

But tribes from Asia Minor

Image result for nomads gif

Descended in a rout.


The Vatican in Rome


Raised walls around its city


Preserving catacombs


From marauding royalty.


They built a wall in Berlin

Close up of the Berlin Wall with grafitti

To divide East from West,

Where, bullets whizzing in,

Graffiti sprayed its protest.


Down New York subway tunnels


Riots of colors splash


Homeless funnels


Of dispossessed backlash.


Outside El Paso, Texas,


To keep the borders manned,


They poured a cement mass



Where once a river ran.

Digital StillCamera

 Russia’s passing laws

Image result for putin animated gif

To police the internet,

Image result for russia police internet gif

As America withdraws


Its torch from migrants.


Now London has its Brexit

Image result

For Banski to defame.Image result for banksy brexit gif

Related image

Though most graffiti artists


Strike without a name.


[Disposable Poem November 22, 2016]

Dr. Mike


























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