What Happened, Miss Simone? (2015 DOCUMENTARY)


What Happened, Miss Simone? (2015) Liz Garbus made this stunning documentary about Nina Simone. It exposes the effect of American racial violence on this uniquely talented artist. Contains revelatory interviews with husband Andrew Stroud and daughter Lisa Simone Kelly, but it’s the accompanying footage of live performances that allows Miss Simone to leap off the screen and come fully alive.





After they bomb


Those four little girls

My voice crack

-Casey T. Brooks

Deep cello vibrato

And never come back


Curtis be too curt a school

Ain’t no black play no Bach

-Casey T. Brooks

Well then, here my rule

-Casey T. Brooks

Ain’t no white sing no Blues

-Casey T. Brooks

Except Gene on the bass


Nobody ask Maria Callas

Why she shine

Get out my way then

Take twice as much love

To stomp my rage


Lorraine wrote me

Love my black skin

And Langston wrote me

Mr. Backlash our song

Image result for gif nina simone

But Stokley say we need guns


I live in constant fear

Of my husband and best manager


Charismatic bully

We got a love affair

With violence

 Related image

Ain’t no freedom here

Image result for NINA SIMONE GIF

Maybe in Liberia

Maybe in Paris

Image result

I give it all the soul I got

nina simone rotoscoping gif

Fugue and counterpoint


How dare you forget me


How dare you

They’re shooting us down

One by one

What’s going to happen

Now that the King of Love is dead


[Disposable Poem February 6. 2017]

Dr. Mike

Visit The Eunice Waymon—Nina Simone Memorial Project.– Art by Claudius Harris.


In Her Own Words and Music: A Tribute to Nina Simone. Tom Schnabel presents rare interviews and live performances by renowned chanteuse and activist Nina Simone, who passed away in France on April 21, 2003.


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