The Blood Beast Terror (1967)


The Blood Beast Terror  [aka, The Vampire Beast Craves Blood] (1967) Scotland Yard Inspector Quennell (Peter Cushing) investigates the grizzly murders of young men in the English countryside. Following the lead of a coachman, deranged by encountering something monstrous with wings, Quennell encounters Professor Carl Mallinger, a renowned entomologist,  and his daughter. The critical consensus on this Hammer horror is that its 88 Minutes “feel like two hours,” due mostly to subplots about young virgins.


Before a scientific audience,

Moth GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The play within the play

 moth GIF

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Reprises Frankenstein.


The woman is a beautiful moth.

Whose dress silvers

Moth GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Scaled wings.

So cold she is hot,

With red insect eyes

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Kaleidoscopic death heads.


No garden hunk is safe;

She demands to mate

Alphas among chrysalides.


Her father uses science

To provide the well hung ,

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Cocooned inside a dry-cleaning bag.

One sadistic advisor

Torments the mighty eagle,

To have his face ripped out.


The family squabbles,


Molts, and does the moth dance,

Firebirds in the hearth.


But fashion has rules.

She wouldn’t be caught dead

In the White House.


[Disposable Poem March 15, 2017]

Dr. Mike

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