The Falcon and the Snowman (1985)


The Falcon and the Snowman (1985) John Schlesinger adapts this true espionage story, based on the book by Robert Lindsey and screenplay by Stephen Zaillian. Timothy Hutton plays Christopher Boyce, who uncovers CIA projects to destabilize and depose Prime Minister Gough Whitlam of Australia. Using his friend, a drug dealer Daulton Lee, played by Sean Penn, he begins to sell secrets to KGB agents in Mexico. Not covered in this film were Boyce’s subsequent escape from jail, 17 bank robberies, and eventual recapture. In September 2002, Christopher Boyce obtained release from prison and wrote his own book, American Sons: The Untold Story of the Falcon and the Snowman. At the time of its publication, Boyce expressed his support for the actions taken by Edward Snowden. In the movie, Boyce says, “I know a thing or two about predatory behavior, and what once was a legitimate intelligence agency is now being used on weaker governments.”


“And I have learned, too, the danger that comes in mistaking the wildness we give a thing for the wildness that animates it. Goshawks are things of death and blood and gore, but they are not excuses for atrocities. Their inhumanity is to be treasured because what they do has nothing to do with us at all.” – Helen Macdonald, “H Is for Hawk.” [275]


The falcon is not the falconer.

animation domination high-def gif

Gyres of tsunami debris

All the ways hackers will try to kill you in the future. Image 5.

Slice open the cloud.

Unhooded, the goshawk glides,

Image result for ransomware gif

Carrier pigeon down

Image result for ransomware gif

International ransomware dumps.


The falconer feels one with the kill

Related image

Image result for hacking gif

But is not in control

Image result for hacking gif

Of beak and claw and laser eyes.


Given ancient wings, animal

angel gif tumblr - Google pretraga

Spirit angels sprout talons

Image result for native american hawk gif

For drone computer warfare.

 Image result for nsa computer drone gif

The falconer nestles among spooks,

Erasures of multiple identities

On passports for money laundering.


The raptor is enraptured with flight,

Speed, deceptive strikes,

The World Through My Eyes: Animated GIFs by George Redhawk | Faith is Torment | Art and Design Blog

Blood hacks on rabbit fur.


A bald eagle differs, with mature nobility,

Image result for america nsa gif

Image result for america nsa gif

Emblems of power on currency

To ransom hospitals from mercenaries.

 Image result for hacking gif

The falconer is not the falcon,

Image result for nsa computer drone gif

Nor is the falcon his message, bent

Image result for nsa computer drone gif

Solely on survival.

Image result for america nsa gif


Image result for hacking gif


[Disposable Poem May 12, 2017]

Dr. Mike



















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