La Promesse (1996)

La Promesse (1996) Belgian brothers Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne draw from their documentary experience to fashion this savage critique of trafficking and exploitation of illegals in Liege, Belgium. The father [Olivier Gourmet] involves his son Igor [Jéréme Renier] to cover up the accidental death of a worker who falls from a scaffold. Igor makes the dying man a promise to look after his wife and child, and this film follows the moral implications of living up to that promise.


At the border to nowhere,

Jean-Stephane Sauvaire’s PRAYER BEFORE DAWN (2017)

There are middlemen who will sell

Passports for Wallonia

Chris McGrath: The Mediterranean [Photo]

Where identity can be changed.


The kidneys come from Ghana;

The eyeballs, from children


Whose parents died in the bombings;

Fadel Senna: Musul, Iraq [Photo]

The women, from the Russian black market.


Chicken entrails say the husband’s nearby,

Benin, West Africa, Bopa, chicken sacrified by dah tofa voodoo master - Stock Image

Illegal labor beneath cement,

Sand pouring through her hands into

A shaman’s hands into a bowl of bones.


Fever happens when the ancestors


Seize the baby; the father corrupted,

The son stricken unawares

By compassion.

Both are trapped in the brick and mortar

Of business, gutting


Buildings, burning doors and refuse,

 refugees GIF

Clearing a spot in the desert of the cities.


[Disposable Poem May 16, 2017]

Dr. Mike















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