Cronos (1993)

Cronos (1993) Guillermo del Toro’s first gothic masterpiece studies the relationship between a grandfather and his granddaughter through a surreal allegory about immortality and the limits of life on earth. Federico Luppi gives a stunning performance as the elderly antiques dealer who discovers a treasure that rejuvenates his blood and turns him younger. But there is a cruel price he has to pay to stay alive.



Su-Sung ‘s water clock

Measured time as flow,

Powered by a giant water wheel

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And crowned by an armillary sphere

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For observing positions of the stars.

Richard Wallingford’s clock in 1336

Had an astrolabe dial, displaying

The sun, the moon’s age, a star map,

Image result for greek god chronos deviant art

And a wheel of fortune for the tides

Beneath London Bridge.


Charles Brush’s windmill of 1888

Raised its wrought-iron tower

Charles F. Brush photographs    Charles F. Brush photographs    Charles F. Brush photographs

In his Ohio mansion backyard

To fuel his electrical power

And keep his industrial clocks in order.


Inside the archaeological scarab

Cronos 1993 Mexican Film - Best Foreign Films To Watch Before You Die

Is the roach that promises immortality

Image result for clocks gif

Is a form of Aztec vampirism.

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What thins the blood keeps a flow

Tidal beneath the cheating moon.

The sundial scythes its shadow

Image result

Image result for clocks gif

Of death across white marble.

Image result for cronos gif

Hidden inside is a time capsule

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Full of fond memories

Related image

That nostalgia has beatified. 

hateplow time berlin germany hateplow GIF


[Disposable Poem July 9, 2017]

Dr. Mike















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