The Harder They Come (1972)

The Harder They Come (1972) Penny Henzell directs Jimmy Cliff in this reggae crime drama, which became a breakthrough sensation in Jamaica for shooting on location using the local Creole dialogue. Roger Ebert wrote, “the movie’s ending is an exercise in plot; its beginning and its music deserve better than that.” The film made a legend of Jimmy Cliff and spurred a revival of interest in reggae music.



Headless coconut trees

Blight the bright breeze

Ivan say, I seen the temple burn

JIMMY CLIFF, OM (b James Chambers,1 Apr 1948): Jamaican musician, singer/ actor. Only currently living musician to hold Order of Merit, highest honour granted by Jamaican Gov't for arts & sciences. ("Wonderful World, Beautiful People", "The Harder They Come," "Sitting in Limbo", "You Can Get It If You Really Want" & "Many Rivers to Cross" from The Harder They Come; helped popularize reggae across world.) Inducted into 2010 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Wikipedia ~ Repinned via ana montaña

I sell you my song before I gone

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Let’s dance on the beach in the sun

But nobody preach without a gun Fandor film cinema 70s 1970s GIF

Milk and honey in the sky


Babylon rules the reggae

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Viva Las Vegas

Rasta Gif

Viva Las Vegas

 Rasta Gif

No way in and no way out

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Babylon surround the hideout

Take what you want and drive fast

Friendship and love never last


Ivan say, apparatchiks

Ain’t no beauty like a phoenix

Babylon wages drug wars

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In the rainbow of shooting stars

Viva Las Vegas

 film weed smoking reggae 1972 GIF

Viva Las Vegas

 film weed smoking reggae 1972 GIF

Viva Las Ganja Vegas

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[Disposable Poem July 18, 2017]

Dr. Mike








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