The Stone Raft (2003)

The Stone Raft (2003) George Sluizer adapts Nobel-Prize winning Jose Saramago’s satirical allegory about the continent of Iberia breaking off and sending Spain and Portugal toward a collision with the Azores. Five people come together, each feeling somehow responsible for causing this natural disaster, and together with a stray dog journey to find a way to survive.


The gulf widens

Until no one remembers

Image result for Tectonic plates shift gif

What originally united them.

 Related image

Techtronic plates shift

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Like an iceberg from Antarctica.

The ozone shell

Is punctured —

 climate change global warming visualization data viz GIF


Oxygen leaks into space.

Colonial powers land-grab.

Sand disappears like gold

And birds lose their way.

 Image result

Science can account for

Related image

Only what repeats,

Related image

But never a unique singularity.

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Take at random a stick,

A stone,

A ball of yarn,

A stray dog

Beside an old sailor

Image result for jose saramago

Who told this story.


[Disposable Poem July 21, 2017]

Dr. Mike


José Saramago
New ways of seeing an interview with Jose Saramago.


The author's desk, typewriter, dictionary and unmistakable eyeglasses.
The author’s desk, typewriter, dictionary and unmistakable eyeglasses. Click to view Nobel Prize Banquet Speech by José Saramago.


José Saramago by Paulo Araujo 2D This caricature of José Saramago (Nobel Prize in Literature) is one of my favorites. It’s inspired on one of his greatest books, “Stone Raft”, and it was made in Photoshop only with the mouse.


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