Follow the Fleet (1936)

Follow the Fleet (1936) Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance in this homage to the U. S. Navy, singing music and lyrics by Irving Berlin. Lucille Ball and Betty Grable appear in supporting roles, in an Art Deco set designed by Carrol Clark. “Id Rather Lead a Band” showcases Astaire’s theatrical ability to tap off and around the beat. “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” culminates the Rogers-Astaire plot in one spectacular routine.

From room to room I go

Image result for getting old gif

Do not bend or I’ll never get up

kayankwok funny animation art vintage GIF

Do not kneel not even for grace

From room to room

Image result for john travolta jesus tomb gif


X&XYZ funny art gif happy GIF

What was I looking for

Some thread

Visual Num Nums loop wtf sky GIF

Loosened from the fabric

Way to search your room key

Of the will 

Picking at crumbs

Glass Animals music video season 2 episode 3 trail glass animals GIF

Rubble in the rug

Related image

Too hard to vacuum

Too hard to stand and iron

Image result for monkey ironing gif

Or bake a meatloaf in the oven

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time elapsing cookie douh

Or chocolate chip cookies

How to roam from room to room

ME (part 1): The Old Me

How to shift

kayankwok animation dancing vintage illustration GIF

The weight foot to foot

On crutches how to balance

How to pay someone to clean the gutters

Image result for cleaning gutter fail gif

Or unscrew a light bulb


Without a ladder or a neighbor

 gif black and white illustration dark eat GIF

How to read a chapter without falling asleep

Or forgetting what day of the week

What month it is and calling

In a panic

I came in here for a reason I forget

It takes too much out of me

I do it in stages

Knead the dough then take a nap

Slowly so as not to splatter the orange juice

Slowly so as not to upset the hornet’s nest

Drift in the buzz of a room full of monologues

 "Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.”– Angela Monet

Identity rippling out from the lily pond

Wishing to be becoming all the time

Related image

Never identified — a stalk


Bundled up in multiple pullovers

There’s no end to feeling cold

No longer hard to play deaf and blind

Every once in a while I catch myself

 gif black and white illustration dark smoke GIF

Talking to the dead they’re such comfort

 gif black and white illustration gifs dark GIF

Now that they’re dead

Who grew up with me moved away

And took all solace with them

Knowing me better than myself


Ruffling the drapes finally a breeze

To break the heat

Marrow mends the broken bones

Whom not to call I’m making a list

Where I left that screwdriver

I’m making a list to conserve energy

Room to room what’s to be done

Visual Num Nums movie retro hand eyeball GIF

In this room there’s a bed to be made

No end to the war on dust

In this room there are books to be shelved

A. L. Crego gif loop cinemagraph book GIF

Shelves to be cleaned books to be read

A. L. Crego gif loop artists on tumblr cinemagraph GIF

In this room there are books to be written

kayankwok art vintage illustration retro GIF

In this room everything I owned

Has been miniaturized into a snail

Into a thimble on the hump of sand

And planted in a pot on the widow sill

To see what will grow continues to grow

Continues to surprise us all

It’s for the surprises that I try at all

That I make an effort

Surprises so small so inconsequential

They make up for the pain they dazzle

Small bursts of wonder

Some helium some water balloons

Dr Mike




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