Caltiki — The Immortal Monster (1959)

Caltiki — The Immortal Monster (1959) You know what’s in store for you when neither director wants his name on the movie. Often dismissed as an imitation of Quartermass Xperiment, this collaboration between Ricardo Feda, for the formal dialogue scenes, and Mario Bava, for the special effects, exploits Aztec mystique from an ancient Mexican text. An archeological dig in a Mayan tomb sets loose a primordial ooze that devours everyone its path.

No matter how crude or lewd,

This slime cannot be stopped,

Lapping its well-oiled tongue

Around credulous reality.


Oh that pasty worm!

Tripe, bone and possibly peanut butter

Ooze open fluid petals

Of a dissatisfied bride.


Gay Pearl dances a sexy ritual

Before Pre-Columbian coins.

An enormous cobra head rears back.

A Mayan divinity, Caltiki.

The slime knows where to grab

Women and how to penetrate

Hearth and home, with s stink

No fumigation can ever eradicate.


Now everyone wants to be mummified –

A film within a film within a film

Hanging like a footnote to history,

One gnarled stump for a hand.


Hounded through the land, half-zombie,

He rallies at the monuments he wants

To buy with all his money,

And deface for grandstanding.

Mayan pyramids, bottled up,

Spew masses of immigrants.

Fake tanks blast into the muck

That slogs out catchy tweets.

This was supposed to be a second honeymoon.


[Disposable Poem August 19, 2017]

Dr. Mike











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