“The Beats are all radical from the marijuana, but deep inside they’re all lovers of Sinatra.”
— Michelle McKinney

The Beatniks (1960) An exploitation film, Paul Frees directs this critique of the counter-culture as a bunch of teen psychopaths . Peter Breck breaks his neck to embody Moon, the murderer in the group. When is it friendship and when is somebody taking advantage? Teenager spin in a singer’s-rise-to-fame plot to imitate a crooner cool and crazy.

Beatitude, Daddy-O, bops

Transcendent, existential,

Sublime, outside of society,

In coffee art-house soirées.

Beatniks, thugs in a Ford with fins,

— Boys will be boys will be girls —

Punks who’ve never heard of Blues,

Image result for peter breck beatniks gif

Sideburns scar off the hip.

She arrives, Beatitude,

In a Skyline chili parlor

Where quarter jukeboxes

Play inside each booth.

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Image result for ROCKET TO STARDOM gif

A sleazy lounge lizard

Related image

Whose cocaine-riddled piano

Image result for surreal identical men gif

Sags from xylophone hangovers.


Bad friends bring you down,

Image result for Bad friends gif

Image result

Even best friends get envious.

Keanu Jelly GIF - Keanu Jelly Animals GIFs

With Genêt as a lover in prison,

Eddie Constantine, where are you?


The Bloody Brood (1959) Peter Faulk will never live down his first film. In the most inappropriate clothes for a beatnik, he quips, “I don’t talk my kicks, I do them.” Julian Roffman directed this B-noir that steals from Little Caesar among others.

Touched by Beatitude, schizophrenics,

Agoraphobics, and autistics

Twitch before coffee and bongos.


They’re making a valiant effort

At playing heroin in the combo.

The beat gang beats up on time.


Hollywood can’t cope with beatniks.

Image result for Hollywood can’t cope with beatniks.

They only understand gangster movies,

Image result for gangster black white gif

Not how to sell poetry.

Beatitude scats jive over be-bop.

Cut out, Daddy-O, fly with her

Though she doesn’t like fish hair.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/198to7gjzeckqjpg.jpg

Where is the Sartre clone?

Simone de Beauvoir was

Every one of my girlfriends.



[Disposable Poems September 4, 2017]

Dr. Mike


















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