Phaedra (1962)

Phaedra (1962) Jules Dassin directs his wife, Melina Mercouri, and rising star, Anthony Perkins, in Margarita Lymberaki’s adaptation of EuripidesHippolytus, with a stunning film score by Mikis Theodorakis, in simmering black and white cinematography by Jacques Natteau . Known for its eroticism that defines this as a 60’s taboo-breaking movie, this forbidden folie à deux luxuriates in its visual seductiveness, especially the sequence of Perkins bathing his bloody face beneath a garage water faucet while Mercuri leans in to caress and lick off the blood.


The estranged son hates

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Having been abandoned by his father,

Image result for sensual black white older younger gif

So he seduces, and is seduced,

By a ruby diamond ring that

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His step-mother throws into the sea.

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This woman replaced his mother

But is nothing like his mother.

Older women need so much affection.

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As a way of getting even with his father,

He names his Aston Martin

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Phaedra and flames off a cliff.

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On the Greek island of Hydra,

The father christens his ship

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Phaedra and shows off to his son.

High finance requires helicopters

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Plus intermarriages to stay wealthy.

But a squall off Norway sinks his ship.

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Black shrouded wives pound on his door.

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His blond second wife can’t abide

Boredom or being a trophy.

How many times has she slept with him,

How many times with his son?

A stepmother isn’t a mother.

Animated Photo

Her husband’s former wife

New Hand-Drawn Animations and Rotoscoping GIFs by Matthias Brown

Shines through his son’s eyes.

official TUMBLR YEAR in REVieW 2014 - GIF Art: illustrated eyes (via traceloops)

Who is taking revenge on whom?

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She hums a song the people love:

“Desire’s hottest flame

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Scorches with shame.”

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[Disposable Poem October 14, 2017]

Dr. Mike






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