The Bride (1985)

The Bride (1985) Can a male scientist create a woman “as bold and proud as a man. A woman equal to ourselves.” What a chauvinistic question, especially when the man christens his perfect woman “Eva,” after Genesis. Designed, I suspect, as a vanity project either for Sting or for Jennifer Beals, the screenwriter Lloyd Fonvielle rips up Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for a plot that tumbles wildly into a confusing briar patch. However, not even Frank Roddam’s direction can coerce Jennifer Beals to swoon before Sting. In fact, a far greater love arises between Rinaldo the Dwarf and Victor the Monster. Most everybody joins the Monster’s doleful wail when the dwarf David Rappaport, the most interesting performer on screen, dies. This convoluted electrolyte concoction cannot decide whether it’s an homage to, or a high kamp parody of Hammer films. Sting stews in a Romantic sulk, relieved by an occasional erotic glimpse of Beals’ backside.


Inside the wedding cake and all the frills and doilies,

Vanilla virginity thrives, her blood proof

Of the hymen uncorked, on a dopamine buzz.Image result for vintage woman swimming large champagne glass party gif

A little death, several short quickenings

Image result for orgasm little death gif

Ripple through the body, and the hell of it is

Nobody really knows what the other one’s thinking.

 Macabre - Cabinet of Curiosities

The spike, on which traitors to the kingdom

Related image

Hang their heads, is the architectural fetish,

Image result for bdsm hang their heads

The spear thrusting through itself.


Rape empowers the dual epicene ,

And so do all the dressings of power –

The whip, the mace, the ropes and chains.

 Image result for female sadomasochism gif

Thee are all variations on the physical act of war,

Sexual guilt punished by the dominatrix general

Who becomes his. and then her, father.


That’s one scenario, there can be so many,

Image may contain: indoor

You would think, but we’re all locked in binary

Related image

Chromosome codes that eventually will play out.

 Image result for orgasm little death gif

Aren’t eunuchs always the ones responsible for makeup,

Costuming, and set design in this carnavalesque

home gif

Baby manger, sexy among the animals?


Watching porn is the best way not to be vulnerable:

the eyes have it gif

Touched not, abused not, hurt not

In the name of human nature and torture.


Isn’t the boy pleased, blushing before passing out?

Isn’t the girl startled, flabbergasted, and bored,

Wondering who’s going to clean up the mess?

 Image result for fetish gif


[Disposable Poem October 29, 2017]

Dr. Mike

inspired by a conference paper by Tara Malone




















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  1. nice collection of the bizarre & the curious …
    not so nicely laid out webpage header: it’s too tall, covers 1/3rd of the entire page’s height!


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