Willie Whopper (1933—1934)

Willie Whopper (1933—1934) Ub Iwerks’ animation series stars a fat adolescent — with red hair when colorized – who relishes telling outlandish lies about his derrings-do. Responsible for the creation of Willie was animator Grim Natwick, and once Willie was fat enough, playing jazz on the piano with his dog at his side, I recognized myself immediately. Beautifully restored in Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, Thunderbean has issued all 14 of Willie Whopper cartoons. Included are recordings from original 1920’s hot jazz ensembles used in these cartoons; and “The Good Scout” features a scratchy 78-RPM Jelly-Roll Morton riff for one famous traveling shot. My favorite is “Stratos-Fear” because it edges into surrealism. The version on this new release is much clearer than the YouTube below.

This ball of yarn is triangular yellow

And if you believe that one, you’ll believe

Whatever rolly-polly carrot-top

Spits out when acetate explodes

The monkey-drum for a Sultan

Wives with knives guarding Paradise

Choose from a row of narratives

Masks clown gay or race outcast


Standard plot: Rescue the girl stereotype

From the three-headed Hell Hound

Devoured by fleas all over the body

Rescue the girl who most resembles you


El Santo knows hacienda hideouts

Image result for hideouts gif

El Presidente of everybody’s hearts

Scat and scatter doughnut tires

With cider-sodden mares 

Brute force mule-headed slobs

Snake or vine, it burns the same

It’s your train and nobody else’s

Rasputin’s in every cavalcade


Don’t want to stay invisible?

Eat lots of yeast

Cannibal dog

The elephant loves you

[Disposable Poem November 11, 2017]

Dr. Mike














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