Repo Man (1984)



Repo Man (1984) “The life of a Repo Man is always intense,” Harry Dean Stanton [as Bud] tells Emilio Estevez [as Otto], and no more so than when repossessing a 1964 Chevrolet Malibu full of alien bodies from outer space. Alex Cox wrote and directed this punk satire of science fiction and teen angst, as if Invasion of the Body Snatchers merged with Rebel Without A Cause to form a Mojave Desert hallucination. Repossession, in every sense of the word, underlay the dark theme of Reaganomics that was starting to trickle down through the cracks in American culture, relegating a whole generation of disaffected youth to financial ruin. That recalcitrant working-class rage has still not gone away, and when it comes to making a choice, Estevez jumps on board to get the hell out of there.


Iowa you have failed me

Image result for iowa corn maze gif

Tenure at your schools will disappear

Image result for Tenure

Your daughters will stay on the farm

Image result for iowa girls farm black and white
Iowa 4-H Club – 1934

The American Experiment is over 

Ohio you have failed me

Your rust belt corrodes factories

Your drinking water still poisons

The American Experiment is over


Oklahoma Tennessee Kentucky

Your fracking has failed me

Your rebel spirit has succumbed to greed

The American Experiment is overNo automatic alt text available.

Texas what else could I expect

There’s a border around women’s health care

El Paso cemented a river against migrants

The American Experiment is over

Arkansas you continue to fail me

Your Christian churches relish malice

Your poor are about to lose health care

Related image

The American Experiment is over

In the name of Walt Whitman

"Re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book. Dismiss whatever insults your own soul." ~ Walt Whitman ★

You have failed me America


And of the unmarked grave of García Lorca

Gif de Federico García Lorca

Who fell in love with your cities and sailors

And of Hart Crane who romanticized your bridge

And of Weldon Kees and of John Berryman


Who may have thrown themselves off your bridge

Your promises have failed me


Do not buy me out before I can buy you America

Collude, collide, or consolidate

The law is what you say it is

Print enough money to ruin the next generation


The American Experiment is over

The planet is crumbling apart

The rich are sending their seed to Mars

America you have failed me


[Disposable Poem January 22, 2017 AND MASSIVELY REVISED January 1, 2018]

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2 thoughts on “Repo Man (1984)

    1. W. C. Fields made a career of playing that kind of carnival barker. I understand, but I refuseto give up. I RESIST as best I can from my disabled situation. ART is the only weapon left to me. I shall use it, even in obscurity.


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