The Big Parade (1925 silent)

The Big Parade (1925 silent) Another of King Vidor’s masterpieces, this epic tackles machine guns and gas warfare in the trenches of World War I. John Gilbert stars as the spoiled brat from a rich family who joins up to be with his friends in what they expect will be a great adventure. While stationed in Marseilles, Gilbert falls for Melisande, even though he’s still engaged to Justyn back home. At the front, Gilbert loses both friends, is wounded and winds up in a hole with a German soldier whom he cannot bring himself to kill. Returning home after the war, with a leg amputated, he discovers that his fiancée wants to marry another. Even though he has no idea where Melisande and her mother might be, he sets off to return to France. Stunning cinematography, brilliant acting, and a very realistic treatment of battle make this one of the classics about the Great War.

These are my toy soldiers. Watch them strut,

Image result for soldiers gif

Kicking their legs higher than chorus girls.

soldier military army animated gif

Synchronized spasms of steely obedience

soldier military army animated gif

Turn each head to salute the flag and me.


Here are my tanks and stealth fighter jets

soldier military army animated gif

And beneath black drapes — weapons too horrible to show.

soldier military army animated gif

Here are my missiles and the secret launch code

Related image

To annihilate human existence as we know it.


Here come the clowns, the only ones left

Who still believe in facts and truth.

Image result for trump parade gif

And here are the helium balloons

“Trumpy the Rat” FAIR USE Creative Commons

Of all the famous dictators still alive.

 Image result for trump parade gif

And now come the multiracial superheroes,

Whom special effects technicians keep alive,

And the fabulous blue screen, before which

Holograms of trench warfare victims spit and shout.

 Image may contain: text

And now the children’s marching band crackles

With this year’s Miss America in a Rolls Royce.

And from New Orleans, Mardi Gras Big Chiefs

Chant voodoo to reclaim their native lands.


How did that happen, I wonder, in my parade,

Image result for trump voodoo gif

But then rows of police saunter down the avenue,

Smacking Billy clubs in their gloved hands,

Grinning like bullies at elementary school recess.


Watch how everyone heads to the scaffold,

The Trump Train; No Stoppin This MF! - Expose Them All - ETA

Where sexual predators are disappeared

Through Puritan vigilante justice,

Reminding the Black Caucus of the slave trade.

Only the worst of the worst can roust

Religious sinners to the cause of Clausewitz,

And I am he, born rich enough to command

Image result for trump parade gif

A hell on earth, so that heaven stays beyond.

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

[Disposable Poem February 8, 2018]

Dr. Mike


















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