Dalí’s Greatest Secret (2013)


Dalí’s Greatest Secret (2013) Paul Perry wrote and directed this documentary that focuses on Salvador Dalí’s commission to paint the first vision of Fatima, The Vision of Hell. Conceived by John Hartford of the Blue Army as publicity celebrating the Vatican’s proposed 1961 disclosure of the secret third vision, the painting, over which Dalí struggled for several years, shocked and disconcerted church leaders, winding up hidden for 30 years under a nun’s bed. For Dalí, however, this was a personal testament to his conversion to Catholic mysticism. This documentary also takes note of Dalí’s later paintings, which centered on Christian themes of crucifixion and resurrection.


Escargot forks pry

Image result for escargot pry gif

Each soul’s shell

Salvador Dalí

For the sinful eye

Image result for surreal soul’s shell gif

That dwells on hell

Image result for dwelling on hell gif

Abandoned to the curse of history

Image result for history gif

Rapture in aesthetic mystery.

Salvador Dalí

Vivid orange and yellow

Related image

The sun spurts its dredge

Image result for dali sun enigma gif

Of bitter morello

Image result for dali sun enigma gif

Across the lower edge 

Related image

Redeemed by benign enigma

Image result for dali sun enigma gif

Of Our Lady of Fátima.

Her halo fills with sail

Related image

Around her pastel robe

Related image

Dalí feels like a snail

Image result for snail gif

Smaller than a microbe

Image result for microbe gif

He struggles with the wounds of prophesy

Image result for surreal microbe gif

To preserve his intimate ecstasy.

 Salvador Dalí

As publicity’s terrors

Related image

Encourage his impish gadfly

A vision box of mirrors

Conceals the Castle of Ourém

Between communist atheism

And childhood’s Catholicism.


Dalí has safely hidden

His face and his moustache

Image result for dali moustache gif

For Gala to have risen

From her urn of ash

Salvador Dalí

Nuclear mysticism tracks

Earth’s eggshell as it cracks.

[Disposable Poem February 24, 2018]

Dr. Mike











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