Re-Animator (1985)

Re-Animator (1985) Inspired by H, P. Lovecraft’s novella “Herbert West – Reanimator,” Stuart Gordon concocted this macabre comedy about a scientist who discovers a serum that can re-animate dead bodies. Aided and abetted by producer Brian Yuzna, writers Dennis Paoli and William Norris, very creative  special effects technicians, with a film score by Richard Band intentionally chopped up from Psycho, what was originally intended as a stage production by the Organic Theater Company, then as a 13-Part television series, became an uncanny cult favorite, a shock fest with a severed head in a metal pan to tongue and kiss a naked blonde tied to the dissection table. From the operating room to the morgue, you may never trust a doctor again.


A white glob of silk-spun

Spiderweb flowed off her back

Rags of shredded cloak in a wind

As my grandmother descended

Stretching out her bony hand,

But I was not ready to leave yet.


Many who have gone beyond

Remain only because we remember them.

But who will remember me?

Even that verb, “remember,”

Embodies grotesque dismemberments

Stitched back together from many


Points in time — the war hero father,

Image result for black and white soldier gif

The shirker, the bitter old man,

Related image

The alcoholic — all together in one

 Image result for schizophrenia gif

Creature who chases after me

Image result for nightmare alleyways gif

Down nightmare alleyways —

A father who was never my father.


The soul is a consciousness formed

Image result for soul consciousness gif

Through abrasions with time that snuffs out,

Science claims, when life support fails.

I won’t mention the nurse

With an I.V drip beside my bed

Who refused to vanish when I awoke.


There is no bringing back the fullness

Of love when only the body is revived.

Mary Shelley holds the cold dead child

And wails wild and wanton at the night.


[Disposable Poem February 26, 2018]

Dr. Mike













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