Who’ll Stop the Rain (1978)

Who’ll Stop the Rain (1978) Nick Nolte gives his most outstanding performance as Ray Hicks, a marine in Vietnam, whom a war correspondant [Michael Moriarty as John Converse] cons into smuggling heroin. Both become targets of a corrupt DEA agent in this memorable adaptation of Robert Stone’s National Book Award Winning novel, Dog Soldiers. Still topical today, Tuesday Weld startles as a woman addicted to, and forced to withdraw from, opiods. Karel Reisz directs this bitter take on how the Vietnam experience corrupted everyone involved. “When I left the Marines,” Nolte says, ”I made myself a promise. Never again am I going to be fucked around by morons.”

Toxic masculinity drags its rifle stock

Related image

Down abandoned railroad tracks, a crutch

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To tighten brotherhood up and carry

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Coke for America across the border.

 Image result for oil america gif

Suburbia’s a betrayal of war.

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Lawn sprinklers swivel Black Hawk blades.

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Children lurk behind corners, holding rocks.

Image result for military soldier kid throws rocks

Lemonade stands conceal wasp nests.

Everyone thanks you for your service.

The blood on your barbecue apron has dried

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And you are ready to turn the meat over,

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Fresh kill for strangers who were once family.

Promises were made, any vet can see,

Broken by corruption from ageImage result for veterans day bbq gif

To agency, politicians want to privatize

Image result for politicians veterans gif

Whoever had the stupidity to survive.

Too crazy for the VA Pathway,

Locked and loaded, you methodically polish

Image result for ptsd soldier social anxiety

That Global War on Terrorism medal,

Image result for fourth july gif

Ready whenever they are serving cake.

[Disposable Poem April 7, 2018]

Dr. Mike








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