Human Flow (2017)

Human Flow (2017) Ai Weiwei directed this documentary about the international explosion of refugees, caused by famine, global warming, and war. He reveals the failure of the 1951 European Refugee Convention and the dehumanization of the camps. Filmed across 23 countries, the movie shows the full catastrophe of this world-wide human migration and the moral responsibility that most nations have failed to live up to.



Do not take an image of me.

The sea is deceptive and cruel.

Missiles replace human dignity

To preserve some strongman’s rule.

 Save The Children Animation GIF by The Telegraph

Do not take my name from me.

Image result for refugee gif

It’s all I have of my fatherland

On a bus called Misericordia

To a Calais wasteland.

How can you watch and not react

Image result for migrant child on beach

Except to secure the border

Related image

Against a farmer’s wandering yak

To keep strongmen in power !


Through the tunnels a lion fled,

Penned to pace anxious in a cage,

Internally displaced, or left for dead

While earthquakes full of lava rage.


In Turkey or in Germany,

Republican Debate News GIF

Do family appear in your dreams

Sam Waterston GIF

After they have drowned at sea?

Refugees GIF

News Tumblr Featured GIF

God knows what terror means.

Nations divide over issues of race.

The exiles cause more concern.

Send the strongmen into space

Without any hope of return.

Shave my head so I may be

Related image

One among the rest of you

Who says before each refugee,

“I respect you, I respect you.”


[Disposable Poem May 28, 2018]

Dr. Mike


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